The first type of string instrument was a simple musical bow.


About String Musical Instruments

A string instrument is defined as an instrument that has strings that produce sound. A vibration is produced when rubbed by a bow, plucked, or struck. A resonator is needed to hear the vibrating string. This is accomplished by the vibrating of the wooden box with air inside.
The pitch is determined by the length, thickness and tautness of the string. The notes are produced by shortening the vibrating length. This is done by pressing the string against the body of the neck with the finger.
The first type of string instrument was a simple musical bow. This can still be found in Africa and South America . Harps and lyres appeared about 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt and Sumeria. Also developed in ancient Egypt , Greece and India was a long box of wood over which one or more strings were stretched.
The bow was first applied to the lute in the 10th century. From this developed the members of the modern violin family. These instruments became known as the string family since they all had strings.

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